Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

What you'll gain from your BNI membership

Membership in BNI offers a host of specific benefits - all aimed at helping members to build their businesses through referrals. The following are the highlights of what you'll gain from BNI membership:

  • Increased exposure to many other people and businesses - including potential clients and new suppliers.
  • Weekly meetings help members focus on providing referrals to other members.
  • Substantially increased business through referrals.
  • A free listing in the BNI website trade directory.
  • Opportunities to participate in cross-chapter networking events and social functions.
  • Free periodic workshops on networking.
  • Tools for more effective networking, including an orientation audio CD with the "Formula for Success" in BNI, a business-card badge, a vinyl card holder to carry members' business cards, referral slips, marketing materials for your chapter, and more.

To learn more about the organization, see About BNI or visit the website of BNI Canada.

Open Categories in our Chapter

Joining our networking group locks out your competition! Each of our members is category exclusive meaning we only have one graphic designer, one contractor, one florist and so on. This ensures that you are not in competition with other group members and that ALL appropriate leads go to YOU.

We are currently looking to fill the positions of:

  • Commercial real estate agent
  • Handyman / Handywoman
  • Event planner

*Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you think you would be a good match for our group, please visit us.

When Do We Meet?

The BNI Danforth chapter meets at 7 a.m. every Wednesday throughout the year, except for statutory holidays, at The Fox and the Fiddle at 535 Danforth Ave.

You can find detailed information, including directions, by clicking here.

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