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247 Labs Software Development

247 Labs Software Development

Contact Name: Azwar Khalid

Job Title: : Technical Director

Phone Number: 416-400-8440


247 Labs offers mobile and web application development services to businesses & startups accross the globe.  We also specialize in working with agencies as a white-label partner.  
ABOUT 247 Labs & Azwar Khalid
Azwar Khalid has been in applications development world for over 15 years. Over the period he has launched over 500 software projects serving millions of online users.  His approach to development is heavily focused on listening to stakeholders and providing them consultation that fits their priorities.  
Apart of 247 Labs, Azwar and the team follows a hybrid approach of Agile - Scrum - Lean methodologies and concepts to application development.  This translates into launching projects at a lower cost and faster delivery times.  The team also specialized in software Quality assurance and testing offering specialized packages in functional, UI, stress and performance testing.  
We consult, architect and develop applications working with you to deliver your business objectives thru technology.  
The world of application development has gotten more complex with all sorts of tools, solutions and options and I am here to help give clarity to what you need so you can get the most done within the required funding & timeline.  
We are very friendly, communicative, responsive and eager to give you the advise that matters your business.  Reach out for a chat and we would be more than happy to connect.  

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